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Our Children Can’t Wait is a podcast companion to the book of the same name. It’s about the systems and structures that keep our kids from flourishing. Hosted by author and Executive Director for the UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools, Dr. Joseph Bishop invites you to unpack a host of issues that all impact education to develop a new equity roadmap through honest and insightful conversations.

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  • They Can’t Unhear What We’ve Said. They Can’t Pretend Like Our Voices Don’t Matter.
  • School Safety Built on Trust and Belonging
  • A New Generation of Climate Champions
  • There’s Room for All of Us
  • We Can Solve the Youth Homelessness Crisis
  • How Education Policy Transforms Youth Incarceration
  • Young People Driving Their Own Destiny
  • School Funding for Justice
  • Redefining School Safety
  • How Housing Policies are Shaping Individual Rights, Education and Voting
  • School & Community Segregation: The Policy Issue of Our Time
  • Getting to the Bottom of Race, Place and the Environment
  • Making Schools Healthy Places for Learning
  • Reclaiming the Purpose of Public Education
  • Redesigning Schools & Policies for the Whole Child PT. 2
  • Redesigning Schools & Policies for the Whole Child PT. 1
  • There’s No Racial Justice Without Community
  • Making Children a National Priority
  • How the Civil Rights Movement is Still Shaping Education Policy Today
  • We Are All Policymakers
  • Introducing: Our Children Can’t Wait